Tiara Members ‘To My Boyfriend’

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Don’t get too jealous fanboys!

T-Ara recently performed the legendary group Fin.K.L’s 1998 hit, ‘To My Boyfriend’ They stepped out of their black and white attire and went for the cutesy pink on stage.

Here’s them performing ‘To My Boyfriend’ thanks to dnjfghk

T-Ara also gave us a little treat and performed their ‘Lies’ hit. Of course, going back to their black and white attire.

thanks to codemonmonseason3


Dance Rehearseal of T-Ara, Kara, and 4Minute

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Remember when So Yeon and Hyo Min  joined Seung Yeon from Kara, Ji Yoonie and HyunA from 4Minute, to perform together Two Of Us on Music Bank on August 14th?

If you haven’t seen it yet here’s the video:

Credit: CodeMonmonSeason2

It wasn’t exactly the best performance as they were off timing and for me it seemed that they didn’t even want to do it despite the smiling faces.

But a rehearsal at the studio was just released and it was completely different to what we saw on stage.


What do you think? The moves here are more precise and quicker. They’re better coordinated . No moves were forgotten and all were full of energy.


How to be a successful girl group!; More than a million hits for Lies MV!

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How to be a succesful girl group!

Hyomin: Female idols have to be open-minded and brave. If anyone gets jealous of anyone else, small things can be inflated into problems. You also have to be brave on stage. If you make a mistake on stage, you have to learn to not make another mistake later on. Also to be an idol singer, you have to be straight-forward and clear. There can’t be any implications.

Q-ri: You have to be able to think like teens. Because there are a lot of teen fans, you have to understand their interests and thoughts to get their attention in return. Whether it’s broadcasts or promotions, you have to work hard to understand what sorts of reactions you’re getting. You have to think of things like, “Ah, young fans don’t see this as a good thing.” It’s also important to take good care of your skin. Recently we haven’t been able to sleep very much, so it’s been hard to take care of our faces so we look like a wreck.


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Stripped from cellphones and internet.

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With the Korean music industry still reeling from the TVXQ vs SM Entertainment lawsuit, there was news today that new girl group, T-ara have been barred from using their own mobile phones by their company recently.

T-ara expressed on the 10th, “After discussions with our company (Mnet Media), we have voluntarily handed in our mobile phones to them. If there’s any urgent matter, we will borrow our manager’s mobile phone.” With mobile phones very much an essential part of a young girl’s lifestyle, is the management company going too far with this action?

With regards to this, their manager said, “Not just their mobile phones, we are also restricting their time on the internet. We felt that malicious postings against them on the internet will affect their daily training.” He added, “More than 80% of the comments posted by netizens are hateful remarks towards individual members. These hateful remarks does nothing useful, and will just make them feel depressed, etc. So we decided on this after consultation with all the members and got their consent.”

Weeks before their debut, T-ara would hand over their mobile phones when they wake up at 6am. It will then be returned to them once training is over at night. But the company felt that text messaging by the members were affecting their sleep time, so they decided to raise the bar and take away their mobile phones for a period of time instead.

Their manager ended by saying, T-ara“This is nothing new. Others like Lee Seung Gi and F.T Island also didn’t have mobile phones when they just debuted. Not just Tara, it’s the same with many idol groups. There are of course some instances where certain members would secretly use their mobile phone without the company’s notice. This is where I and the innocent members would start “hunting” them down.”


Honestly…this is too stupid. Cellphones and Internet are very important in a modern teenage girl’s life. They’re isolating them from the world. Just because other artists do it doesn’t mean they should do it. And about the hateful comments. They should let the girls see how their career is going to be of. Critiscms,praises.. They need to teach them that not every comment is going to be loving. It will make them stronger and probably strive to do their best.

Beyond Radiant looking for staff members!

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{Beyond Radiant}

Beyond Radiant is looking for staff members!

1-5 Article Writers.

T-Ara is a new group and like any other rookie group there will be a lot of news. So I am going to need article writers.

If you know Korean then you’ll probably will become part of the staff!

T-Ara has arrived and we need the best staff to keep up with them.

Thank You (:

Note: beyond Radiant is not affiliated with Diadem5.com

Ji Yeon’s feelings about Kim Taehee.

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MBC drama ‘Soul’ star Jiyeon has been evaluated to see that she is indeed just like her senior Kim Taehee.

Jiyeon has said previously that ‘I’m extremely glad that I’m very much alike with Kim Taehee sunbae. However, I would very much want to make a name for my own’.

Meanwhile, the T-Ara member is currently part of the cast of a new horror drama.

Credits: Beyond Radiant && Diadem

What does T-Ara Think of SNSD?

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We Hunger To Learn From Veterans

What does girl group youngster T-ara think of the girl group battle?

T-ara discussed their thoughts on debuting in the midst of the girl group summer battle.

T-ara (Boram, Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung, Qri, Soyeon) said in a recent interview, “during our comeback stages, we were able to watch SNSD’s performances. They were so beautiful and did so well. There really was another something that we could feel. The points we were lacking, it really was the difference between amateurs and veterans.”

Later they said, “Since we got to see the other girl groups in real life, we know there is a lot to learn. We’ve come to realize that. How we will have to prepare and how we will have to perform, we must slowly gain momentum.”

T-ara’s Soyeon said, “We’re still newcomers without any performing experience, so there are a lot of ups and downs. We will have to overcome those. We have to have even more energy on stage versus our practicing time.”

Leader Eunjung said, “We’re learning to gather the precious points of each member. If we can help each other fill what’s lacking, then it’ll be strongly advantageous.”

Q-ri added, “Our team has a different purity than other girl groups. I’ve heard it’s a lot like the girl groups from the early ’90s. Versus an elegant or powerful feeling, T-ara’s point is their pure and sincere charm.”

Meanwhile Core Contents Media’s T-ara has been a cinderella story since their debut on Radio Star.